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BORANG PERTUBUHAN KESELAMATAN SOSIAL JADUAL CARUMAN BULANAN 8A Bayaran Tunai. UNTUK Untuk mendapatkan khidmat pence ramah PERKESO, sila mohon di [email protected] Tandatangan: Nama . Pindaan Jadual Ketiga – Jadual Caruman pdf JADUAL. A company must remit the contribution sum to Perkeso Office before the end of the Asked Questions (FAQs) ยท Contribution Table & Rates (Jadual Caruman SOCSO) MALACCA (7 March ): The eligibility for invalidity pension for Social. Kadar caruman bagi pekerja dan majikan yang terkini boleh dirujuk di dalam Jadual Ketiga, Akta KWSP (klik untuk muat turun). Majikan dikehendaki.

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Another crowd funding from malaysians It’s a form of insurance. We are paying for it either way. I can browse the portal now. Kindly help, if anyone has answers to the below queries: I asked their staff if no register, penalty 10k plus interest. The principal employer is also liable to ensure all employees employed by the immediate employer have been registered and their contributions have been paid. Mmg bijak PM malaysia.

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If u already submitted the caruman, print it out and pay with cheque The lampiran is shit. When they say need to give proof that you emailed Lampiran 1, they also want hardcopy Lampiran 1 with the hardcopy sent email.


Any benefits of withdrawal upon retirement? Feb 13 I know this because it happened to me yesterday. This popup will close jaduual I have EIS chart 0.

If no, where the money goes? That mean our government can collect money in this 2 years.

SOCSO: Social Security Organization | Perkeso |

There are upsides and downsides perkesk this la. Those doing well will have to cover those not doing well at the risk of increased criminal activities if they don’t. A company must remit the contribution sum to Perkeso Office before the end of the following month. I’m not your father Group: On my way Group: This is what socialism is all about.

Mar 13 SOCSO started in the 80’s. Just look at all the bnfags gloating about how good the economy is.

Show posts by this member only Post 9. This site uses cookies. Feb 12 U got skill and hardworking, within 3 month easily find new job.

What Is SOCSO ?

Better go in person right now. If employee over 60 years old but employer have been paying under Second Category for regular carumanstill need to perkso EIS ah? But still can’t make any payments right.

I heard we need to pay 24 months to entitle the benefits. Because of those people who doesn’t know how to saving, now everyone in bolehland need to chip in to save their asses. Fort Canning Garden Status: No wonder salary short by RM 7. I just logged into iadual for the lolz and yeah, now they have the EIS prompt.


My payslip shows that socso and eis is deducted separately. Government money is still the people’s money.

Cara Sebenar Untuk Kira EPF Serta SOCSO. Semak Caruman Melalui Jadual Ini | socso | Pinterest | Dan

Feb 8 Good since we don’t know when shit might happen and we lose our jobs. Don’t be a self-centered pricks. Feb 7 In the end also register assist crauman. Now I am totally confused. But dunno their EIS form can come out before end of this month Tar Ah Wah, 66, and his wife Ler Kim Eng, 64, recently received news that they would be given a monthly contribution from Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial Perkeso or Socso following the death of their daughter, a snatch-theft victim who had jaduql to her injuries.

Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post A company must remit the contribution sum to Perkeso Office before the end of the following month. Not auto deduct for salary above ?