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Reveals black Africa to be at the genesis of ancient civilization and the human story . Black Genesis was written by Robert Bauval (he’s French/Greek or. Presents proof that an advanced black African civilization inhabited the Sahara long before Pharaonic Egypt • Reveals black Africa to be at the genesis of ancient civilization and the human story • Examines By (author) Robert Bauval. Egyptologist Bauval, author of the best-selling The Orion Mystery, and astrophysicist Brophy make a compelling argument regarding the origins.

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Bauval and Brophy seem to have adopted Hegelian dialectic as their method of knowledge-creation, whereby they feel that merely proposing the antithesis to the current thesis must, by definition, move the scholarly consensus to a new synthesis, inching ever closer to their position with each new ball of spaghetti they hurl at the walls of the ivory tower to see what will stick.

Our destination was a mysterious stone circle discovered in by Ralph Alger Bagnold and thus known as Bagnold Circle. Apr 07, Jasiri Uhuru rated it it was amazing.

Reviewing “Black Genesis” (Pt. 1) – Jason Colavito

And Brophy has a PhD in physics. They reveal how the degradation of monuments, theft of relics, and censorship of ancient teachings genessis to this day. Aug 31, Mark Peterson rated it really liked it. To phrase it another way, we have coaxed the silent, ancient stones to reveal their secrets with the universal language of the sky…. As the climate changed and the Sahara b,ack up they migrated to other parts of Africa including the Nile Valley. Bauval and Brophy make the case that this venerable civilization was originated by Black Africans from the Sahara Desert and that the pyramids, the statues, and the hieroglyphs were the result of their knowledge and ingenuity.

They show how life arrived on our planet in the form of baual dust containing alien bacteria approximately 3. It sent a huge shock-wave of controversy throughout the scientific community, the effects of which are still felt today.


What this means to anyone’s predisposed race assumptions, I have no idea.

Shows how the censorship of nonofficial Egyptology bauva, well as new archaeological discoveries continued under Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass.

They shot off the nose and lips of the Sphinx because the features would let all know who came across it would know it’s actual origins. Of course, this neglect is probably due to a number of other factors such as size and the lack of pre-standing alternative speculation to crib from rather than an outright racially motivated one, but it is interesting nonetheless. Thomas Brophy has a Ph.

Exposing recent cover-ups during the tenure of Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass, they explain how new bauvzl at Giza were closed to further research.

Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt

Champollion first deciphered the cartouches that contain royal names. Diop died inhis mission not fully accomplished. I’m not suggesting Ridley Scott is racist, but perhaps this is a manifestation of a subconscious bias toward western beliefs of a white origin to civilization So ends Chapter One. THe problem is that many professors in the academia and Egyptological world were all to quick to dismiss this notion.

Black Genesis : The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt

Building upon extensive studies from the past four decades and their own archaeoastronomical and hieroglyphic research, the authors show how the early black culture known as the Cattle People not only domesticated cattle but also had a sophisticated grasp of astronomy; created plentiful rock art at Gilf Kebir and Gebel Uwainat; had trade routes to the Mediterranean coast, central Africa, and the Sinai; held spiritual and occult ceremonies; and constructed a stone calendar circle and megaliths at the ceremonial site of Nabta Playa reminiscent of Stonehenge, yet much older.

He was educated at an English private school, as was then customary for well-to-do families in Egypt. Stanley G Dau rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Postmodernity, which is only beginning to activate in our culture, is characterized by fully rational operation, a complete appreciation for the modern and Renaissance differentiation of the inner and the outer, the spiritual and the material—and an awareness of the value of both aspects of those dualities and a movement toward a reintegration, at a fully differentiated level, into a new, whole conception of those dualities.


In the important scientific and scholarly societies of Paris there arose a protracted and very active debate focusing on attempts to date the Dendera zodiac. In addition, we have specifically used our own tool kit and method, which entails the application of the science of astronomy to interpret the alignments of complex megalithic structures, pyramids, and temples, as well as extracting the astronomical content in ancient Egyptian texts and tomb drawings.

The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt.

Black Genesis : Robert Bauval :

It is obvious that these Aricans venerated cows and the Egyptians venerated Hathor the cow Goddess who’s thigh is represented by the big dipper. Return to Book Page. We now know, too, that the three pyramids of Giza, standing on high ground half a mile to the west of the Sphinx, are not merely the tombs of megalomaniac Pharaohs but form a precise map of the three stars of Orion’s belt in 15 million tons of solid stone.

Basically centers around new found cave paintings that display the ppl that will become the ppl of Ta-merry or kemet. THe Egyptians were never have thoughtto made it that far out into the wilderness. The 4 tv-programs called “Pyramid Coode” about the ancient egyptians and way beyond were so very interesting to watch.